Short Course in Introduction to Qualitative Research

Course Description

Qualitative research has been emerging as the most popular research approach to add innovation and creativity in research process. Besides, it is more realistic in understanding meaning and doing research. This course is specially designed to give a complete understanding about what qualitative research is, special characteristics about qualitative research, importance of qualitative research, myths about qualitative research, qualitative research process and situations of undertaking qualitative search.

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To Whom: University Undergraduates/Postgraduate Students/Master’s Students/Researchers/Ph.D. Candidates/Academic Staff of Universities & Educational Institutes
Lecturer: University Lecturer
Study Method: 100% Online (zoom)
Medium: English & Sinhala (Mix)
Duration: 04 Days
Certificate: E – Certificate (A printed certificate will be provided on request) (Conditions Applied)
Course Fee: 5000/- LKR  (Group Registrations Available)

Course Content

➤ Introduction to qualitative Research: essential tips

─ Introduction to research as perceived by qualitative researcher

─ Differences and similarities between qualitative and quantitative research

─ Conditions of applying qualitative research

─ Myths & strengths of qualitative research

─ Qualitative research process

➤ Research Paradigm and Qualitative Research

─ Introduction to research paradigm

─ Importance of knowing about research paradigms

─ Ontology, epistemology, methodology and axiology in post positivism, Criticism, Constructivism, Pragmatism

─ Mixed method research

➤ Qualitative data collection and analysis

─ Differentiate between quantitative and qualitative data collection

─ Describe qualitative data collection methods

─ Explain interview process in qualitative data collection

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course unit, the student should be able to perform the following tasks.

➤ Know the basics for analyzing qualitative research

➤ Write research questions for qualitative research

➤ Understand the structure of qualitative data analysis

➤ Learn different philosophical worldviews

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