Short Course in Academic Writing for Research

Course Description

This course is the perfect first step into the world of research publications. It is designed to take your knowledge of academic writing and turn it into an in-depth understanding of current trends in scientific writing to help you get published in an international journal, win a research project grant, or report research findings.

The skills taught in this course will empower you to succeed in any University-level course or professional field. You will learn to conduct rigorous academic research and to express your ideas clearly in an academic format. You will learn the unwritten rules of good writing to meet the requirements of modern-day research publications. You will also learn practical tools and techniques for writing an easy-to-read persuasive research proposal.

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To Whom: University Undergraduates/Postgraduate Students/Master’s Students/Researchers/Ph.D. Candidates/Academic Staff of Universities & Educational Institutes
Lecturer: University Lecturer
Study Method: 100% Online (zoom)
Medium: English & Sinhala (Mix)
Duration: 05 Days
Certificate: E – Certificate (A printed certificate will be provided on request) (Conditions Applied)
Course Fee: 5000/- LKRΒ  (Group Registrations Available)

Course Content

➀ Academic Writing Vs. Non- Academic Writing

─ Difference between academic writing and non-academic writing

─ Word usage in academic writing

─ Things to avoid in academic writing.

➀ Grammar Rules in Academic Writing

─ Subject-verb agreement

─ Articles, prepositions, and conjunctions

─ Active voice and passive voice

➀ Academic Writing in Sentence Level

─ Constructing complex sentences

─ Use of punctuation in sentence construction

─ Common errors in sentence structures.

─ Thesis statement

➀ How to Avoid Plagiarism

─ Summarizing

─ Paraphrasing

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course unit, the student should be able to perform the following tasks.

➀ Write with clarity and precision

➀ Develop and support your own ideas persuasively

➀ Organize ideas logically and with clear transitions

➀ Master the basics of sentence structure, formatting, and punctuation

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